Mobile Friendly Websites

Website on mobile and laptopHave you got a mobile friendly website? You need one!

Everyone’s on their mobile these days. So if your business website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on sales.

Did you know-

  • more Google searches are coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers.
  • 60% of mobile phone Google searches for local businesses result in contact with that business within 24 hours.
  • According to Google themselves – “94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. Interestingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present.”

Google has extensive information for developers on how to make websites mobile friendly. They want websites to be mobile friendly, because they need to serve up search results their users want to access!


What makes a website mobile friendly?

Web developer in AdelaideYour website’s layout should look attractive in numerous shapes and sizes, as there are now many different phones and tablets accessing the internet.

Having a responsive website means the layout automatically adjusts to the dimensions of the device it’s viewed on. It makes pictures proportional,  font the right size, and text wraps nicely around the screen.

A modern website also needs to be functionally usable across the different platforms. This means videos can be played, forms can be accessed and users can enter data using onscreen keyboards.

All in all, it has to provide a pleasant user experience on different devices. Internet users now have a really short attention span, so if your website seems sluggish or annoying, they click away.

Having a mobile-friendly, responsive website provides a good experience for your potential customers, so they’re more likely to use your business!




When is a website NOT mobile friendly?


  • Text is not visible on the screen or does not “wrap around” requiring the user to scroll side to side to view it.
  • Even worse – there is no scroll feature so text can’t be viewed at all.
  • Certain features, such as videos, can not be viewed or accessed.
  • Pictures are out of proportion.
  • Load times are slow.
  • Error messages occur only in mobile versions of the website.
  • Users can’t enter information into forms easily.
  • Text appears too small forcing users to pinch to zoom.
  • Touch elements, such as buttons or textfields, are set too close which makes it difficult for a user to accurately select the desired feature.


What’s next?

Contact me to discuss how I can help you create a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly website to bring your business website into the mobile era.