Executive coaching

Anthea Rowberry is a female executive coach for women and men

Hi… I’m Anthea Rowberry, a professionally trained coach, trainer, and facilitator, with a background in online businesses, IT, digital marketing, accounting, and law. I am trained in a variety of coaching methodologies and use my expertise in psychology to help my clients grow and excel.

With a background that combines both coaching psychology and business, I work in collaboration with leaders to increase their performance and business success.

Executive coaching is for accomplished professionals to develop themselves personally and professionally. This can also cross over with business coaching which focuses on specific business-related issues compared to an individual’s own skills & mindset.

Advanced coaching techniques help my clients get more out of themselves and their teams for greater career and business success.

Together, we collaborate to come up with new solutions, implement changes, and work towards goals. This helps you grow and thrive on a personal, professional, and business level.

What is executive coaching? Who is it for?

Executive coaching helps professionals like you to accelerate your career and business success.

Ambitious leaders, and emerging leaders, choose to increase their skill, thinking, and EQ to accelerate their careers and handle demanding roles.

It is typically used by

  • Corporate leaders and senior managers
  • Newly promoted leaders
  • Professional talent being prepared for the next level
  • Business owners

How executive coaching helps

As a professionally trained coach, trainer and facilitator, I use research-based coaching tools to help professionals like you to:

  • increase your clarity, confidence and competence
  • understand your self and other people better
  • leverage your (personal and/or business) strengths
  • develop clarity around your (personal and/or business) vision, mission, and values
  • develop more effective thinking
  • increase your emotional and social intelligence
  • plan and implement change
  • improve your business culture
  • develop and pursue your goals
  • implement better systems for improving your business’ bottom line
  • review key categories of business performance to make ongoing improvements
  • handle the pressure and stress of demanding roles
  • prepare for career progression or change
  • grow into your next level of development


  • One-to-one coaching via Zoom
  • Mentoring
  • Online training
  • Facilitation
  • Group workshops

Cost of executive coaching packages

One on one executive coaching packages are available as 6 sessions for $1,800, 12 sessions for $3,500 or 24 sessions for $6000. These are generally used weekly or fortnightly.

Packages for businesses/teams are customised based on your needs.

Online executive coach serving clients worldwide

I provide 1:1 and group coaching via Zoom to clients around the world.

I am based in Adelaide Australia and am available during Australian business hours. This equates to afternoons and evenings in the US. By special arrangement, I can work with clients in the UK time zone – which is morning for you / my evening.

The online booking page converts my available times to your time zone. If you need a time slot outside these hours, please contact me to see if we can find a time that works for us both.