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I help accomplished professionals develop their potential and find fulfillment.

One to One Coaching

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– Create change

– Increase well-being

Online Coaching Services and Programs

One-on-one coaching

(via Zoom)

Who could you be with the support of your own coach?

Using advanced coaching I help ambitious professionals to handle their challenges, make meaningful life changes, and increase fulfillment.

Together we help you better understand yourself, your strengths, and your unique qualities while moving to your next level of development.

Ultimate You Coaching Program

Ultimate You Quest:

Self-awareness, self-discovery, self-esteem & self-love

Have you ever had a whisper inside that tells you you’re greater than the life you’re living right now?

Do you wonder how to make your self-belief match the size of your dreams?

The Ultimate You Quest program takes you on a journey of self-discovery and increased emotional well-being that will positively transform your life.

Your Success:

Growth, development & goals

Do you have an important dream that keeps getting pushed aside for other ‘stuff’?

Do you sense that it could really happen, if you just had some additional help, guidance and support?

Your goals may be personal or professional. What you do know is that it’s not happening at the moment, and it’s time you stepped up and did this.

This is for you if…

  • You have had some level of professional success, and are seeking to grow to the next level personally and/or professionally.
  • You sense there’s more to life but are not sure what… or how to get it.
  • You want greater self-awareness, and help to see your own blind spots in your strengths and/or weaknesses.
  • You’re ready to grow and step up for more in life.
  • You want a confidential and non-judgemental space to help you process and clarify your thoughts and feelings, and create future plans and goals.
  • You would benefit from having a stronger support system around you.
  • You want to improve your emotional intelligence and/or mindset.
  • You feel stuck in circumstances that don’t serve you and are ready to make a change.

Professional life coach for professionals & business owners

Hi. My name is Anthea Rowberry, and I am the founder of an online coaching and training business serving clients around the world.

Through research-informed, meta-dynamics coaching, workshops, and online programs, I help people like you make meaningful life changes, breakthrough their blocks, and create more fulfillment.

Whether you’re looking to get unstuck, start a new chapter in your life, or develop yourself personally or professionally, I’m here to help you take your life to the next level.

I trust that this is the beginning of us working together, and I look forward to seeing you grow and shine on this journey.

Google Reviews

Before I had my sessions with Anthea I was feeling quite frustrated with how I was still allowing the external to affect my world. Since working with Anthea my perspective has now shifted from looking more at how I am able to look at my external situation like “it is what it is” and that I had a part to play in that to now looking within to use the resources that I have to bring myself back to center and balance and know that I have got this, I am the creator and designer and own that my external is a reflection of what is going on internally.
Becs Haereroa
5 March 2022
Had so far few sessions with Andrea and loved them. She possesses listening skills, and comprehension of what is the true issue underneath one presented, she is warm, compassionate and knows how to help. She helped me with strategies to gain better emotional control and lead more peaceful day to day life. I feel much more emotionally stable and available and I know what to do when hard times come, and how to deal better with difficult emotions. It’s essential work especially in times of Covid, to know how to deal with stress/ emotionality. Thank u! I recommend her!
Abigail N
2 March 2022


“Thank you, Anthea, for being such an amazing coach”

Anthea has helped me realise the unhealthy relationship that I created with food.

As a busy entrepreneur, sometimes I forget to take care of myself and that has led me into unhealthy eating habits.

Anthea provides me a safe space to explore the shame and guilt within me, and to recognise the problems and how to overcome it.

I love her honesty in giving feedback while supporting me to go through the challenging moment.

She is a wonderful listener; she acknowledged my feelings and helped with the clarity on my issue.

Thank you, Anthea for being such an amazing coach.
Dr Raja Yasmin
Business Coach
Melbourne, Australia

“Embracing my uniqueness with pride and confidence”

I like the space that Anthea holds for me, her insights take me to a whole new direction of thinking, feeling and sensation.

This added value brings clarity of embracing my uniqueness with pride and confidence.

Thanks a lot Anthea
Rasha Taher
Quality Analyst
Auckland, New Zealand

“Always gives me a new perspective and insight”

Shout out to Anthea Rowberry for her left of centered thinking that always gives me a new perspective and insight.

I love your authenticity to yourself and your truth.

You inspire me.
Retail Manager
South Australia

“You’ve been fantastic!”

I’m so blown away by how this ended up being a lot deeper than I anticipated.

I quite honestly came into this thinking ‘oh, yeah, you know, I’ll learn some tools and techniques, and that’s it’ but you’ve been fantastic!

Thank you!
Life Coach
Melbourne, Australia

“You’re worth more than your weight in gold”

I don’t know how to express how much you’ve influenced my life, work, and relationships.

You’re worth more than your weight in gold.

You’ve given me clarity, confidence, and tools.

This is what every coach should do. I tell everyone I meet.

I’m having a hard time saying goodbye because I look forwards to and appreciate our discussions.
Shivani Nayyar
Melbourne, Australia

“I’m just loving these. They’re so awesome!”

I’ve loved this. I’m just loving these. They’re so awesome.

It’s good to be reminded that you need to take that time for yourself to BE.

I can feel the peace. I feel softer and calmer.

Thank you for this. I totally enjoyed it.
New Zealand

“There were lots of discoveries for me that were really important”

That was so good! Really, I loved it.

I feel like I have more understanding and will put it all into action. It was really great. I really appreciate it. Wow.

There were lots of discoveries for me that were really important.

Thank you so much and thank you for the techniques as well.

Helping you THRIVE

When you’re not thriving, there are good reasons for that.

Perhaps your values or life circumstances have changed. Perhaps you’ve never been living your own values but those of other people, and you’re no longer willing to keep doing that.

Perhaps it’s time to audit your life and properly investigate what will give you meaning and fulfillment in the next chapter of your life.

Let’s work towards getting you what you need to thrive. This starts with making the internal shifts mentally and emotionally, which lead to change in your external world.

Invest in yourself.
Take Care of What Matters Most!

Give yourself what you need to grow into your best self.