Search Engine Optimisation

Google search on a laptopWhat is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, refers to strategies used to help a website rank highly in search engines, such as Google. A well-designed website factors this in from the time of its planning.

This is important for business websites, because you want new, potential customers to find you!

You want to ensure your SEO strategy covers people searching on different technology platforms, and those using different search techniques. For example, recently there has been a large increase in mobile phone users doing searches with spoken instructions.


SEO in web development

To get the most out of a website, it is important to consider SEO when the website is built. This will influence the strategy, structure and content of a website, to help maximise it’s chance of performing well in internet searches.

This is highly recommended for any business website, and is included in my professional level web development packages.


SEO services on an ongoing basis

Not all business websites need SEO services on an ongoing basis. Whether or not you do, depends on how competitive your field is online, the results you are after and your digital marketing strategy.

For those who want or need it, I can provide ongoing SEO strategy, including appropriate content creation if required.

I can also provide reports on, and analysis of, the traffic coming to and interacting with your website.

  • Ongoing basic SEO – starts from $750 per month.
  • Advanced SEO – starts from $1490 per month.
  • Website content creation – starts from $95 per 500 words.

What’s next?

You can contact me to discuss your needs and get a quote based on your circumstances.